Alsuhoul company      

          For the production of mineral water and juices Ltd.

Of the largest companies for the production of mineral water and juices in Iraq and offer you the definition of its products packaging capacity (5 gallon) and Mugs capacity (250 ml). Mills company licensed by the relevant authorities (health, environment), where the factories follow international standards and local control, quality inspection and taste as well as the company advanced laboratory testing and quality control of water for all stages of production and processing stages.Stages of production:  passing the raw water to the filters cartoons and sand to get rid of impurities and odors and then pass on a reverse osmosis (RO) in order to adjust the proportion of salts within the limit and then you enter the water processing devices UV (Ultra violet) to get rid of bacterial harmful then is pumping ozone gas (O3) for the total elimination of bacterial harmful as the ozone gas is characterized as non-harmful to health and has no side effects on human health. In terms of packaging and coverage are Aotometekin and without the intervention of the hands of workers. Washing and cleaning of the bottles are several stages screening and washing hot water and disinfectants. Washing automatic within the equipment you are panning the internal and external bottle and a number of stages up to nine stages where it is cleansing with disinfectant and hot water Alaozmosze to ensure the safety of sterilization full of packages. customer service receipt-free by a fleet of cars specialist and the early morning hours until the evening. and light above the water plains deserve the trust package (5 gallon) capacity and Mugs (250 ml) and the company plains future projects many different ..




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   The company follows      international standards in production
 As well as checking quality and taste